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new design online

it’s been a while since I posted here. Well, the normal life kept me busy. Scout activities all over the place, not to mention various weddings coming up. But at least my new design (simple and clean) is only at

photography link

I stumbled across the page of an interesting photographer.
And here are some more posts:

Helena Kvarnstrom
Marlaina Read
Andrian Hanft

Open Aperture

eBay sometimes has a really good offering for old used camera gear. And I got lucky. I got the Hexanon 50mm with the incredible f value of 1.4 for a couple of Euros. So here a picture of the new glass:

The lens is really a fine piece of glass. Did a test film, which is […]

more lost pictures

I sold my Pentax ME on ebay, and I found out that there is still a roll film in it. It was shot during the Trip to Brasil with the Scouts.
The good camera got dropped into Saltwater and afterwards fell into the sand, so it was really dead. I cleaned it up as good as […]

World Press Photo Award 2007

The annual World Press Photo Award has been granted to several photographers from all over the world. This is the link to the HomePage.
I want to highlight the following photographers:

José Cendón
Agnes Dherbes
João Kehl

Enjoy browsing the various winners.

back home again

films are off to development, stay tuned for the pics. In the meanwhile feel free to browse the gallery.

links update

no pics today, still shooting in Northern California.
However, I did updates to the links section, so feel free to browse.