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After reading the article of Bill Wilson here I decided to built my own. It took some time to cut the cardboard, but it is definitely worth the effort:

and this shows how it is done:

new gear

since I sold my EOS 30 (not an easy decision, believe me) I am happy to have the Sigma Full Frame 17-35mm f2,8-4 EX DG. It works great, is sharp as a razor and fun to use on my EOS5. It handles really well and the 17mm end of things is just amazing. Not to […]

For Sale

I am selling sold my beloved EOS30 here.

new site online

now you can reach my new site at http://www.blende-zwoacht.de

new design online

it’s been a while since I posted here. Well, the normal life kept me busy. Scout activities all over the place, not to mention various weddings coming up. But at least my new design (simple and clean) is only at http://fotografie.familie-babst.de/

a new bag for the toys

Got it delivered today. The Tamrac PRO 12 bag. I never had a bag of that size. But it fits all gear in it.So now i got the small LowePro Nova 4 AW for one camera with attached lense, second lense and a flash, and the huge tamrac for all remaining gear.
Right now, there is […]

Link Update

the link called Taschenfreak overs a variety of real life photos of camerabags. If you are planning to get a new one, you might take a look here. In German language.

brave new lens

Earlier then expected, I got the testshots back from the lab. Remember, I got the 50mm f1.4 for my Konica.
Great lens, as expected, when you are not exactly on focus the picture will get blurry, but I love it. Here you go:

First and last one are Still Life shots from my appartment, the middle one […]

more lost pictures

I sold my Pentax ME on ebay, and I found out that there is still a roll film in it. It was shot during the Trip to Brasil with the Scouts.
The good camera got dropped into Saltwater and afterwards fell into the sand, so it was really dead. I cleaned it up as good as […]

Equipment for Sale

I am selling parts of my equipment:

Sigma 28-70mm f2,8 - defect and used
Pentax ME and Pentax SMC 50mm f1,7 - broken, defect and used

If you are interested just bid in eBay