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Wedding II

It’s the wedding year. Friends married near Kiel, Germany. Beautiful location and a bright sunny day. what more do I want (beside the obvious EOS1 D Mark III and some L-Glass)?

The Rest of the pictures is online here and here. Gear on stage was either the beloved EOS5 or the Konica FT1

California Dreaming

the developing is done, the results are back. I am posting the “best of” collection here.
The Golden Gate Bridge

The Presidio

The Presidio II

California Landscape

Room with a view

More Pictures are located in the Gallery.

San Francisco on a weekend

I have been round in San Francisco. It’s an amazing City, and its always so enjoyable.
Although the roll is still not developed (not sure wether to search for a pro Lab in Roseville or bring them home) I am bringing up my photos from last years October visit:

So stay tuned for the new ones.

the time between Christmas and New Years

…I was quite relaxed and shoot just some pics in the park while being on vacation.