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Harbour View

Couple of weeks ago I purchased a wide angel zoom, for several reasons. One is the 17mm end of things =) and the other is being ready to switch to Digital in the near future (1.6 is all I say)
These are the test pictures, and the lens ist great.

new gear

since I sold my EOS 30 (not an easy decision, believe me) I am happy to have the Sigma Full Frame 17-35mm f2,8-4 EX DG. It works great, is sharp as a razor and fun to use on my EOS5. It handles really well and the 17mm end of things is just amazing. Not to […]

Wedding II

It’s the wedding year. Friends married near Kiel, Germany. Beautiful location and a bright sunny day. what more do I want (beside the obvious EOS1 D Mark III and some L-Glass)?

The Rest of the pictures is online here and here. Gear on stage was either the beloved EOS5 or the Konica FT1

wedding work

friends got married. and I was there:

Landesthinking Day

as the Scout Movement turns 100 this year, celebrations have started across the world. The German Scout Movement BdP (part of WAGGS) has celebrated it in Kiel, Germany, with more then 300 participants. Here is a selection of the pictures I took.

More can be found in the gallery.
I will upload all the pictures to my […]

Late New Years Wish

happy 2007. we spent it near St. Peter Ording on the North Sea shore. Great!
the pic above was created via long exposure and small magnesia torches being swung around, the old meaning of photography, meaning painting with light, newly interpreted. Thanks to Christina, Anna, Melanie, Daniel und Christian!
More Impressions:

St. Peter Ording - the beach

On the […]

the time between Christmas and New Years

…I was quite relaxed and shoot just some pics in the park while being on vacation.